WFJ -  World Federation of Ju-jitsu



Short description:

WELCOME to this WFJ-portal. Our organisation is offering NEW INTERESTING competition system. Fighting with full contact, and the fight will not be stopped when the fighter gets points.

The fighting system is coming from Hokutoryu ju-jutsu which is a discipline where the intention of a fighter is to use powerful ATEMI-techniques to either knock the opponent out or weaken his defence so that he can be thrown or swept down and with a SHIME- or a KANSETSU WAZA – technique held in a position where he cannot defend himself or immediately continue fighting.

WFJ fighting follows the so called one efficient technique principle according to which the fighter who manages to knock his opponent down by using a legal ATEMI or makes his opponent defenceless nd unable to continue the fight by a SHIME WAZA or KANSETSU WAZA technique, shall be declared he winner of the bout. The bout can also be won via abandonment (KIKEN) if a fighter gives up or fails to continue fighting.

Here is couple of youtube links to see our fights. 

The rules you ´ll find from the menu: "Fighting system information"